.30BR - Competition Winner

over 1 year ago
.30BR - Competition Winner
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For sale is a 30BR rifle I had built in 2012 by gunsmith Kent Uhl (out of Oregon City).
I had this built to shoot the Sharpshooter matches at Clark Rifles. Unfortunately they havent had these matches for a few years now and Im wanting to build up a few other projects.
This rile won the Clark Rifles Sharpshooter Shootout 100 yard and 300 yard match in August, 2013. I never found the true limits of this rifle, as the match does not allow mechanically adjustable rests.
Total round count is under 400 rounds.
I have load data, chamber specs and other loading information to send with the rifle.
Rifle specs:
McMillian Benchrest Edge HV
BAT Machine model S Multi MF (dual port)
Kreiger 1 in 18 twist
Jewel, set to 2 oz (no safety)
Burris Signature Zee
Leupold Competition 40 power fixed. Target reticle.
Total cost to have rifle built was $3920
Extras Included:
LE Wilson bullet seater die (for arbor style press)
Redding neck sizing die w/ bushing
Redding body die
Wilson bushing neck die
Expanding die
K&M neck turning tool
90 pieces of fire formed brass (Lapua brass, expanded from 6BR to 30BR specs)
50 rounds currently loaded.
118 grain Cheeks bullets x 750
118 grain BIB Custom bullets x 1500
Go-no go seating depth gauge cut with same reamer as the chamber
Sinclair bore guide
Rifle case
All said and done I have well over $5100 invested in this setup.
Asking $3500 firm. Not looking for trades.