WTS Garand, 1903, MVP, Fire Sale! Surprise Divorce

6 months ago
Krag Rifles
Available on
Cal Guns
East Bay Area, Contra Costa County

Make: Springfield
Model: U.S. RIFLE, CAL 30 M1
Caliber: 30-06
Location: East Bay Area, Contra Costa County
Price: $999
Will ship: Yes, to FFL or to Fellow FFL 03 w/ COE
Other info:
Purchased this from the CMP in 2005. It's in great shape and shoots great. It is rated as CMP field grade I only took it out to shoot a time. I have lots of en bloc clips that I'll throw in the deal. Also have mil surp ammo from the CMP, and I have lots of once fired cleaned U.S. mil surp brass, if interested in buying them as well for additional $$ on buyers behalf.
Sling in photo not included
Buyer pays all fees and shipping costs.
Description of "Field Grade" from http://thecmp.org/cmp_sales/rifle_sales/m1-garand/ :
Field Grade Rifles. Most of these rifles have been refinished or rebuilt at least once while in military service and will likely have some parts from other manufacturers. Fair to good condition. Rifle wear will be exhibited by worn and mixed colors of the finish; may have pitting on the metal parts; wood will be basically sound but may be well used with minor hairline cracks, and many dings, scratches and gouges; wood may not match in color, type of wood or condition. These rifles may have some foreign parts and wood may be Walnut, Birch, Beech or other variety. Rifles do not have import marks. Bores will be generally good with only minor imperfections; the barrel crown may be nicked, and the muzzle may gauge more than 3 on muzzle gauge. The Throat Erosion will gauge less than 5
well within US Army standards. Do not expect rifles in mint condition in this grade.
Manufacturer selection only guarantees the receiver was produced by the manufacturer listed. The barrel and the other parts may have been produced by other manufacturers.
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