***FREE 22lr AMMO***

over 4 years ago
 ***FREE 22lr AMMO***
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A bit of creative marketing here.
All you need to do is buy this fine 22 rifle, scope and magazine package, and I will give you a FREE brick of 22 ammo. I will let you test fire all the ammo you want to bring with you. Once you are satisfided that this is one fine shooting rifle and we close the package deal---I will include 1 brick of FREE ammo with the package. I have also lowered my original price for this package. Since I could not edit the original post, you are welcome to look it up and check the original posting date and price.
Weatherby XX11, 22LR. This one was made in Japan and has a 24 inch barrel. It fits in this serial number range (1967-1971 KTG-Japan Clip J25000-J42290). This rifle also has the switch which allows it to be fired either as a single shot or a semi-automatic. (ammo saving feature)
I will not sell the magazines or scope separate until the rifle is sold. If you are interested in the mags or scope separate, please let me know and I will hold onto your info until the a buyer gets 1st choice. I have lots more photos, so if you are interested please PM an e-mail address and what you want to see in particular.
Rifle with 1 magazine----$600+ shipping
2 extra Magazines----$100+ shipping
Weatherby Scope----$200+ shipping
These are pretty rare and tough to find. Ever seen one in person??? Have a close look at the picture and you will see the rings are actually part of the 1 piece scope body.
Package Deal: ---Rifle with Weatherby Scope and 3 Magazines--- $800 for local pickup FTF transaction. 1 Free brick of 22 ammo included with package purchase.
$850 Shipped & Insured but without the ammo (ammo must be picked up)
I really need the cash out of this one but old (pre 1970) and rare 10-22's might get me interested in some trading. No interest in anything else except green backs.