Longguns in Long Beach, m1 carb, ruger 44 carb, brwng blr, sharps

7 months ago
Longguns in Long Beach, m1 carb, ruger 44 carb, brwng blr, sharps
L.C. Smith
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Cal Guns
Long Beach Rifles for trade or sale

Located in Long Beach
Rifles for trade or sale:
Trades: 10mm pistols, Tanfolgio stock II, cz 75 stainless, Smith Model 27 3.5 barrel, Smith 627-1 full lug, python stainless, ria 2011 match 6", other 1911s,coonan .357, SVT 40. Dan wesson 715, 615. Smith Stealth Hunter or Competitor.
Also looking for other stuff Walter pp, smith 945, sigs, hk, leverguns,
Colt dragoon with cartridge cover conversion
Ruger 44 carbine,
tube fed 44 mag.
Nice rifle has some safe dings, wear from use and front sight marring from some one using a punch to install front sight.
One rage trip by me its fun to shoot. Looking to trade or $700obo Will ad pics later today.
M1 Carbine "Winchester" receiver. Nice carbine.
A blast to shoot.
New owner will need a new magazine, cheap mag follower, rifle doesn't pick up the last round.
Nice carbine, patina.
Looking to trade or $950 obo Will post pics later today.
Browning blr 308
$800.00 obo nice pre 81 blr. Smooth action. Has some bumps from the safe. Overall nice older browning.
.EMF IAB Sharps 45-70 $400 obo Has some issues that new buyer will need to work out (light primer strikes with blackhills comboy loads, cheap safety is wobbly, adjustable trigger/hammer spring adjustment will need to be made for proper operation. Hammer difficult to half cock)
Round count unkown.
Fired 5 rounds and cases looked fine after firing no case or primer bulging, Its a lower end sharps replica compared to some of the higher end ones
comes with a cheap tang sight.
Open to trades
Trades looking for: python I add cash, smith model 27, trr8, stealth hunter 44 mag etc others...te Messages