Russian Saiga Sporter (16" barrel) 223/556 AK package

over 1 year ago
L.C. Smith
Available on
Northwest Firearms

$800 - For sale is a Russian (no longer imported) Saiga from the Izhmash factory in excellent condition (less than 100rd downrange). This is the sporter version with 16" barrel. Includes 2 30rd mags and 1 10rd mag Everything functions flawlessly.
**Not included, but I am expecting in about 2 weeks an AR mag adapter that would fit this rifle and we can work out something.
The ONLY things I would consider for trade/partial trade is Smith & Wesson M&P 22 (the 22 pistol), S&W Shield or Compact/c in 9mm, or S&W AR22 (the 22 rifle), a lightweight AR that has less than $700 value (I can add cash), AR lowers, body armor and/or plate carrier, or a high power (no less than 16x) quality name brand scope. Thats the only trades I would be interested in unless you have a screaming deal.