Lahti L-39 Pistol

over 5 years ago
 Lahti L-39 Pistol
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Northwest Firearms
Portland, Oregon

For sale is a Lahti L-39 anti-tank rifle, modified for pistol usage. The dual bipods have been removed, and stock has been shortened by 2 inches, making it more concealable and 15lbs lighter.
Additionally, the gun has been camoflaged with "Flat Drab Earth", making it hard to spot in the urban northwest environment. For daily carry, I disguise it as a heavy walking stick, or tow in wheelbarrow.
Spare mags are a bit bulky (see pic). One fits in an 80L backpack or briefcase though.
I fired this at the range last week, along with my Keltec P32. Recoil offhand was quite manageable. Difference over the Keltec was not huge. That said, women and kids should avoid the HCI rounds when offhand.
Suppressor fans - This is a great stealth gun and 20mm silences down to nothing. I test-fired this in my backyard with no muffs, and have yet to hear complaints from the neighbors.
This pistol uses a man-stopper round (20mm), offering true one-shot capability, especially if facing armored cars or hostile aircraft.
Best of all, every round fired requires filling out a BATFE Class 4 Form. This ensures you don't fire or train recklessly. Every bullet (literally) has a lawyer attached.
Trades I'm looking for: one windowed black pmag, 30 round.
According to MSNBC, high caliber weapons are used hourly to massacre citizens. So buyers must present a CHL, ODL, and psychiatric exam results, in addition to the Class IV reqs.
Contact me through email only. Address is spelled backwards to foil spammers:
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