WTS: No4 MkI Rifle, 1907 Sling, Swedish Lahti Holster

almost 6 years ago
WTS:   No4 MkI Rifle, 1907 Sling, Swedish Lahti Holster
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Good afternoon from bone dry eastern Nebraska.
For Sale:
No4 MkI Lee Enfield Rifle, Caliber .303 British,
$220 shipped
*Receiver and bolt have matching electropenciled number
*Receiver marked No4 MkI (F) 1/49 PF71581
*Metal finish is in good to good plus condition
*Bore has a strong rifling, but the bore is dark with roughness
*Stock has not been sanded, but has dings
*Right side of magazine is dented
US 1907 Sling
$55 shipped
*Marked M.D.C. H&P 1918
*Leather in good condition; some cracking at two points where sling has been folded
*Brass claw at dated end is damaged/bent and the prongs do not go in the holes of the sling; leather by damaged claw is torn by the rivet
*Some idiot (me) damaged the sling removing it from a rifle
Swedish Lahti Holster
$80 shipped
*Triple crown stamping on front above brass closure
*Leather is supple and in very good condition
*Includes one original magazine crown proofed, cleaning rod crown proofed, oil bottle, double oiler and lanyard--slightly frayed in
one place but intact
*A number and name is lightly written on the closure strap
First definitive "I'll take it" post or email prevails.
Rifle needs to go to a FFL01 or 03 holder.
I am a private party so if you use a transferring dealer please ensure
that they will accept transfer from private individuals.
Payment is by USPS money order only.
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