Enfield No5 MKI "Jungle Carbine", Ventura County, No Shipping

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FS: Enfield No5 MKI "Jungle Carbine", Ventura County, No Shipping
Lee Enfield
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Cal Guns
(city or county): Ventura County

Make: Fazakerly
Model: 1947 Enfield No5 MKI "Jungle Carbine"
Caliber: .303 British
Location (city or county): Ventura County
Price: $550.00 for rifle and magazine
Will ship (Y/N): No
Other info:
This is a 1947 Fazakerly Enfield No5 MKI, often erroneously referred to as a "Jungle Carbine". Bought this from a fellow Calgunner a couple of years ago. I have had it out a several times and its a blast to shoot. Rifle is overall in good condition condition with the normal black paint chipping on the barrel and a few small scratches and dings from handling in the wood. Stock is in nice condition overall, has no cracks, no major handling marks, just normal wear and tear. Bore is excellent with shine, rifling is strong and well defined. Rifle shoots well, no "wandering zero" that I have experienced in 250 rounds of various brand ammo with regular milsurp accuracy of 2-3 MOA. This rifle reliably detonates and cycles with all brands and types of .303 British ammo I have put through it but seems to be most accurate with my own reloads. I hate to sell this rifle, but need the money. Unlike almost all No5 MKI rifles, this rifle's rubber butt pad seems to be original and is in excellent condition (they are typically rotted away or falling apart). This is a genuine No5 MKI, not an aftermarket or importer "fake", it has the receiver cuts, hollowed out bolt handle, correct barrel, stock, stock fittings for a genuine No 5 MKI. Magazine functions fine but it not serial number matched to rifle and it has some very minor pitting along the bottom left and right seams, not progressive, not active rust there. I am not that familiar with how the serial number schemes on Enfields are as far as numbers matching but receiver is serial number AA7039, safety is marked F118, Magazine V6429, Butt Plate fitting M78, Rear sight F, Bolt F5, Front Sight F45 so it's either a mix master or Fazakerly has some weird numbering scheme. Disclaimer: This rifle has shot fine with no signs of incorrect head space or chamber pressure issues, I did check head space before firing it, no pressure or head space signs on cases. I advise you to have it checked out by a competent professional gunsmith before shooting it. This rifle is a great shooter, it's beautiful cosmetically and it's special, there were not a ton of these ever made. This is a classic, very collectible rifle that I hate to part with but I have two Enfields and can only afford to keep one.
Shortly after the adoption of the No. 4, many felt a carbine version was needed to equip specialized units, such as paratroopers. Throughout 1943, several shortened and lightened No. 4s were created and tested. In March of 1944, the No. 5 MK I was officially accepted into British service. It became informally known as the 'jungle carbine' as it ended up seeing extensive use in the jungles of Southeast Asia. The No. 5 was a heavily modified No. 4 design, however all carbines were built from the ground-up; none were conversions. It had a short 19" barrel, with a fixed bell shaped flash hider, which brought its overall length up to 21". It had a unique bayonet lug, which took a new pattern of blade bayonet. The fore stock was cut back, which left more of the barrel exposed. Some stocks were made with a steel 'nose guard' on the end of the forearm, while others were not. This seems to have been done nearly at random. Its rear sights went up to 800 yards, rather than 1,200 as on the No. 4. It used a different buttplate witha rubber recoil pad and side sling mount, though the front sling swivel remained on the underside of the forearm. The No. 5's receiver, barrel, and bolt all were given lightening cuts, to save on weight. The triggerguard was also made thinner and slimmer. Thanks to these changes, and the shorter barrel, the carbine was 2 pounds lighter than the standard No. 4 rifle. All No. 5s were built at either BSA Shirley or Fazakerley. None were ever made in Australia or India, though several thousand were reconditioned by Ishapore in the 1960s. It is interesting that after nearly 50 years of only the Enfield short rifle pattern, that the British returned to issuing a carbine during the final year of World War II. It would also be used in several small regional colonial conflicts during the late 1950s. In November of 1947, No. 5 MK I manufacturing was abruptly halted. In the field, soldiers liked the carbine's lightweight and compact size. It was easy to carry around all day, and was maneuverable in dense vegetation and inside structures. However, it had rather harsh felt recoil and was not terribly effective at longer ranges. There was also a curious problem reported called the 'wandering zero.' Some soldiers claimed that the carbine's sights would not consistently hit to the point of aim, after being caliberated. In other words, accuracy was a problem as groups could not be relied upon. That said, modern day milsurp shooters have not been able to replicate the issue, using surplus No. 5s. So it is uncertain if the claim was real or imagined. What does seem clear is that by the postwar period, many other nations were already using self-loading rifles, such as the M1 Garand and SKS-45, while British soldiers were still being issued a bolt action design with its roots in the late 19th century. At any rate, the carbine was not terribly successful and was only in service for a short period of time. A No. 5 MK 2 was never adopted, though several trials carbines were created, including one with a trigger hung from the receiver and another strengthened to allow it to fire rifle grenades. Yes, that's right, grenades from a carbine, which already had enough recoil to make it unpleasant when firing the standard .303 cartridge. The 'jungle carbine' was a very interesting Enfield variant, with a very distinctive look. It was certainly much shorter and noticeably lighter than the No. 4 or even the No. 1, but it sacrificed too much to achieve its specifications. It was officially retired along with all other Enfields when the L1A1 was phased into service during the late 1950s and early 1960s. The Enfield No. 5 up for auction here was manufactured in June of 1947 at the Fazakerley factory in Britan. All proofs and markings are correct. It has the correct lightening cuts on the barrel and the hole in the bolt handle. It has the conical flash hider, 800 m rear sight, rubber buttplate, and side sling bar. Mechanically, everything works properly and as it should. This includes the trigger, safety, and magazine. This carbine is in Very Good condition for its age and history. Most of these Jungles were used very heavily in East Asia in the 1950s. It has good finish remaining, with no noticeable rust and just some slight receiver speckling on the right side underneath the sight. This rifle has normal and honest wear and a few signs of being out in the field. It has a good bore, with strong rifling and some shine still left in it. It has good wood. It has the usual nicks and dings, but there are no cracks or splits. I don't think it has been refinished either. Finally, the rubber buttplate is in good shape. It isn't chewed up, or overly hard, and is not crumbling apart. So this is a nice and honest firearm. Carbine comes with 1 - 10 round British magazine. If you are looking for a good No. 5 to use as a shooter, or just want one to add to your collection; this one shouldn't disappoint. It has honest age and character, but isn't beat up or rusty.
Will do FTF Cash transaction in Ventura County if you will give me copies of a valid California DL, FFL03 + COE, all must be active and current. If you do NOT hold a current FFL03 + COE, will only do PPT at Camarillo Gun Store in Camarillo, flexible on meeting time. Buyer pays PPT fee, cash only, no flakes or you will receive negative feedback. This gun may be posted on other boards and is subject to prior sale. Buyer will be determined by time stamped message stating, "I will buy it" via Calguns PM or e-mail to capybara@verizon.net NOT BY POSTING IN THIS THREAD! Please do not clutter up this thread with questions, PM me with any questions, I respond promptly. Please include your cell phone number.