Item, Location, Will Ship/No Shipping

over 2 years ago
Item, Location, Will Ship/No Shipping
Lee Enfield
Available on
Cal Guns
(city or county): San Diego

Make: Keltec
Model: KSG
Caliber: 12ga
Location (city or county): San Diego
Price: $870 + buyer pays fees
Will ship (Y/N): No
30 rounds shot through this since I bought it in May 2015 (one time at the range) and I've determined it just isn't the right shotgun for me.
Basically brand new minus 30 rounds. I prefer my P12 for now but may pick up a SA shotgun to replace this. Comes with manual and the original box *end (original box is long gone due to limited storage space but I keep the ends with the numbers just because).
Transfers in San Diego - The Gun Range, SoCalGun, Turners, Big Shot, Parallax, DAS, Poway Weapons & Gear, Discount or
ASC (just about anywhere in SD).
May entertain trade offers for the following (used but good shooting condition interested in - in no particular order - I have a soft spot for WWII ):
Sig Sauer P320 or P250
Kimber 1911 9mm or 10mm
Remington 700 VTR (.308)
Remington 700 Long Range (.300 WM or 30-06)
Remington SPS or SPS AAC-SD (.308)
Benelli M2 (with cash from my side)
WWII Lee Enfield .303 #1 Mark V OR #4 Mark I (service grade +cash depending on condition)
WWII H&R or Remington 1903 (service grade)
M1 Garand
M1 Carbine
Probably open to other interesting guns so let me know. I can't say yes if you don't ask.