Lee-Enfield No.5 Mk1 Jungle Carbine 1945- Compact Deer Slayer

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Lee-Enfield No.5 Mk1 Jungle Carbine 1945- Compact Deer Slayer
Lee Enfield
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This Enfield No.5 Mk1 "Jungle Carbine" has a manufacture date of July, 1945. It was made at the ROF (Royal Ordnance Factory) in Fazakerley, which a suburb of North Liverpool. It has the standard ten round box magazine. It doesn't have any stripper clips for fast loading, but these can be obtained on the net for a reasonable price. The bore is clean and looks good. Same with the action, chamber, feed ramp. The bolt works smoothly. Enfield actions had a great reputation for reliability and could be fired quickly. The carbine itself kind of has the M16 look, due to the black paint. The sights are similar, with the ghost ring/peep that flips to a smaller peep for long range shooting. The sight can be set up to 800 yards. After WWII, the Brits had a mini Vietnam situation called the Malayan Emergency, fighting Communist guerillas in the jungle. That's when soldiers requested to have their rifles painted black, or did the painting themselves. The serial numbers for the barrel and action match. The serial numbers for the magazine and bolt match, but they are different from the barrel and action. The bolt is not a jungle carbine bolt, but one from a standard Enfield. This may have been replaced in the field or by an armorer at a base. The only thing I can find wrong is that a pin is missing on the flash hider, but it is on firmly. It fires .303, which is available most anywhere, as Remington and others make a modern hunting round, especially this time of year. 303 is apparently a very popular hunting round in Canada and the rest of the world, and is ballistically similar to 308, though a tad less powerful. It would be make a nice compact and light deer rifle for an experienced hunter who wants to do without a scope. Of course it is a great collectible WWII era battle rifle too. These were designed to fire all day and continuously. The prices seemed to have firmed up on the various auction sites. They are the most collectible of Enfields and fewer exist than the other models. Asking $425.00. Will consider rifle/pistol trades. FTF only. Thanks.