WTS C&R+ammo: Mosin 91/30, VKT M39, Ishapore Enfield No1Mk3*, Winchester 1897

over 1 year ago
WTS C&R+ammo: Mosin 91/30, VKT M39, Ishapore Enfield No1Mk3*, Winchester 1897
Lee Enfield
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Make: Mosin (unsure mfg), VKT, G.R.I., Winchester
Model: M91/30, M39, No.1 Mk.3*, 1897
Caliber: 7.62x54R, 7.62x54R, .303 British, 12 Gauge
Location (city or county): San Jose, Santa Clara
Price: $180, $500, $350, $1100
Will ship (Y/N): Yes for C&R+COE holders, buyer pays shipping
Sale Terms:
I'm selling some of my C&R collection. I have surplus (corrosive) ammo for the mosins and enfield which I'll sell at a discounted price with the rifles:
7.62x54R 182gr FMJ Yugo Surplus, 290 rds for $100 with rifle, including 6 stripper clips.
.303 British 215gr FMJ grade A Canadian surplus, 384 rds for $150 with rifle, including 10 stripper clips.
Also have many boxes of Winchester Ranger Low Recoil 12ga slugs for $2.50 per 5 shell box for sale with the shotgun if desired.
I'll discount 2.5% of the total price for every additional firearm transferred together with the first, plus you only pay one transfer fee. Only applies to local sales, non-shipped.
Will do transfer at most FFLs in the San Jose area. Reeds is not recommended due to their strict PPT policies and limited storage, but it's an option. I have an FFL03 license so I will require your name, date of birth, drivers license, or just name and FFL license for my log book at the time of transfer.
The M91/30 has been mostly de-cosmolined besides some remnants in the stock that seep out in hot weather. Little bluing loss with some flaking black enamel paint. Much of red shellac remains on stock. Bolt and receiver match. Bolt cycles quite nicely. Import marked, missing cleaning rod and includes hard rubber buttstock. Even with the rubber buttstock it still kicks like a mule and left a serious bruise on my shoulder after a day of shooting! Spring and washer trigger kit was installed to provide a short and crisp trigger pull. Will include Bob Allen 52" shotgun sleeve / carrying bag for $10.
The VKT M39 has been mostly de-cosmolined, dated 1944. Beautiful and solid-feeling wood stock. Little bluing loss. Matching bolt and receiver. Bolt was rather dinged so I polished it up a bit - still sticky on cycling.
The Ishapore (Indian) No1 Mk3* (SMLE) Enfield is dated 1948. Very nice bluing and glossy wood refinish. Original magazine was rather dinged and falls out easily, so I ordered an undamaged magazine which loads and feeds flawlessly. Both magazines will be included. Safety is loose and tends to flip onto safe after firing, despite my attempts at fixing it - I recommend taping it down during shooting sessions. Patterns low right at 50 yds, so sights need adjustment.
The Winchester 1897 is actually a converted takedown model, not a wartime Trench Gun. Very nice bluing on shotgun and heatshield. Sights are difficult to see due to the heatshield getting in the way of the front bead. Cycles and shoots nicely.