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almost 2 years ago
Lee Enfield
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North County San Diego

Schmidt-Rubin 1911 7.5x55 Swiss
Sweet rifle! The long version of the K31. Straight pull action. These are hard to find. Especially in this good of shape. $350
2 Turkish Mausers in 8mm Mauser. These Turks are sweet shooters! I replaced the front sights with tall sights. One has lighter wood. Both are nice!
$150 each.
No4 Mk1 Savage Enfield 303 British. The way I understand it these rifles were made in the US under contract by Savage. They were then "loaned" to the British under the Lend Lease program. A real piece of history. The receiver is marked "US Property" $175
Ishaphore No1 Mk3 Enfield 303 British. Beautiful rifle. Professionally restored.
This rifle is nice! Not too many that look this nice. $275
P.M. if interested.