WTS: World War 2 Era Rifles

about 2 years ago
WTS: World War 2 Era Rifles
Lee Enfield
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Cal Guns

I have a few ww2 era long guns that recently inherited and i am looking to sell. Please Private Message me with any questions about any of the rifles and i will answer your questions to the best of my knowledge (im not incredibly knowledgeable on these rifles).
All prices are based on the average prices i found on gunbroker. im always open to offers and if someone wants to buy the lot, we can work something out.
Also, all rifles come with a bayonet.
I am not willing to ship but i am willing to meet up somewhere from the bay area to sacramento.
From top to bottom:
Mosin Nagant M91/30- $350
Type 38 Arisaka 6.5- $325
Gewehr 88/14- $320
Lee Enfield No. 4 MK1- $300
MAS-36 7.5x54- $350
Italian Carcano M38 Carbine- $200