1885 Remington Navy Lee RIFLE

almost 3 years ago
1885 Remington Navy Lee  RIFLE
Lee Navy
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Long Range Hunting

Ok, I am looking to sell an old
1885 remington Navy Lee
in 45/70
rifle was an older friend of mines father(he passed away in 1967) then my friend passed away , and his wife let me buy all the guns off her(was more than this one)
after a while now, I decided I don't need or really want this rifle, I am just not into them, and figured maybe someone that appreciates them more than me is a better home for it.
SOits missing the cleaning rod, stock has some paint on it
in a few small spots, and there is a small chip/missing wood on it
where the frame meets in behind the trigger guard, NOT bad or structurally an issue IMO , just saying, I like to be honest as I can
the Bore is still pretty nice, no real pitting I can see, and its still shiny.
NOWsomeone at some time carved 1917 into the stock, I had asked my friend before he passed away and he said he didn;t know Who or WHY it was done, as this gun was shared among his fathers friends and family on there family farm
so, cannot add any info to that, wish I knew, as I like history like that on guns.
overall, its a pretty rare gun, and in pretty decent shape
the metal has some minor rust that came off with a good wipe down, but has stains on the metal work, but its a 130+ yr old gun, so??
My buddy told me it was last fired in about the late 40's, and sat in the corner of his fathers house, from then till both his father and he passed away, they lived in same house on the same farm
SOI have TRIED to get a pic of the bore, but I cannot figure out how to get a clear picture, tried a few camera's and still couldn't get one, so sorry. I can email more pictures if asked, or take more of any part you'd like to see more of, just ask me in a PM, ands an email to send them to
I am asking $1,000.00 OBO
I am open to trades too, NOT sure what I need, but never know some times till you hear an offer!
I am located in NE PA, near Mcadoo PA, zip code 18237, prefer in person sales and CASH for a payment, BUT
can maybe ship, s this gun doesn't need an FFL transfer due to its age, SO,??
would have to be worked out based on interest and where it would be going!