28 Nosler - Surgeon - Bartlein - Manners - Timney

over 1 year ago
Lee Navy
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Long Range Hunting

I had this rifle built less than a year ago by Mile High Shooting in Colorado.
It's chambered in 28 Nosler and shoots the 195 VLD's at 3110fps - that's 5.5 mils to 1K.. If you're looking to buy an ELR rig, this is the caliber! Build specs below:
Surgeon 1086 action w/tactical bolt handle
Timney 510 factory set at 2.5lbs
Bartlein #14 contour, 5R, 8 twist, 26", threaded 3/4x24
Manners TF1A Elite (CF) stock, MCS-BDL mini chassis, dark forest camo
APA fat bastard Gen II brake
O.D. green cerakote to match stock
I got lucky quick, with load development. At mag length, we went under 1/2" with several different powder charges (RE33). Settled at 87.5gr and 3110fps, E.S. @ 12. Have shot groups at 300, 800 and verified drop at 1200. Groups at 300 were right at an inch, 800 not as impressive cause I suck at reading wind but vertical was great. Great rifle as is, with a better shooter and a little load tweaking, would be an absolute hammer. 81 rounds fired.
Very fun rifle to shoot, the brake is very effective and doesn't feel like a big magnum. Shot a bull elk with it here in Colorado at 680 yds this November, both lungs, and it went about 10 ft so I believe in the 195 Berger. I can't explain the amount of confidence you have while glassing a ridge with this rifle next to you!
I'm sure I forgot something so feel free to ask questions. I've been on the site for a while but mostly to read/learn so I don't have much reputation here but I'm active duty Navy for the last 11 years, Christian, and would never screw anyone over. If you're in Colorado, interested, and want to shoot it, let me know.
Comes with Redding competition micrometer dies, new box of 100ct 195 Berger VLD's, 36 twice fired, 9 once fired pieces of Nosler brass. Scope/rings not included.
Asking $3,600 shipped to your FFL. Will also include the Vortex Razor/NF rings to the buyer for an additional $2k.