Portugese G3 (hk91 Ptr) Not a clone .308 with A3 stock.

over 1 year ago
Lee Navy
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Indep G3 note it is Marked "G3" Not ptr or some other clone marking . This is a Semi Auto G3 Battle rifle. Since I did not know if this was a preban I added confirmed US made parts to insure 922r compliance so it has a PTR Navy Lower with US Parts and it has a extend US made Charging handle and flash hider
The internals were replaced with German made HK Parts just because I had them the bolt is new old stock not a single round fired on it and a new German locking pc the bolt gap is perfect and the charging lever is as easy to pull as they can be.
It has an A3 retractable stock the butt pad in the photo was jb welded on and is quite comfortable but if you don't like it I have another one with out.
The photos picked up some surface rust which has been cleaned off it was not even visible until the flash and the way the photo processed showed it.
Price is $1600 this is about as close as you can get to the real deal as you can. Comes with 6 mags