Salient Tier One Rifle / Leupold Multigun 1-6x24 Firedot BDC / L.A.

11 months ago
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Salient Tier One Rifle - Black
Info on the Salient Tier One:
Leupold Multigun 1-6x24 Firedot BDC
Aero Precision lightweight scope mount
Warsport Thermal wrap
Kynshot hydraulic buffer with JP spring (original buffer and spring included)
Magpul RVG
Inforce WML light
The rifle has at least 50% less felt recoil than any other AR-15 I have ever handled. It is just as rare as it is exceptionally built, and stands out above the rest.
"The most unique aspect of this Salient AR is the rifle-length gas system on a 14-inch barrel, leaving about 1 inches of dwell time."
It is extremely accurate and is in near flawless condition with 200rds or less through it, I purchased it new with a zero round count.
I can covert it to featureless for CA buyers with a Hera CQR stock, and removal of the forward grip or sell it to anyone outside of CA as is.
This is approx. $6,000 worth of Rifle and accessories and you would be extremely lucky to find another Salient Tier One Rifle out there.
Los Angeles / PPT at Guns Direct in Burbank
Will Ship out of state
$4,500.00 OBO