Finnish Snipers [UPDATED]

about 4 years ago
Finnish Snipers [UPDATED]
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SEPA, Pennsylvania (Chester County)

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1941 Sako "SOV"
First one is a 1941 Sako that was built into a PE/SOV style sniper rifle. The bore is minty, bluing is at about 98%. Note that bolt has been blued as well, IMHO whoever did it had a great idea not only because it's different, but it looks awesome. The person who bent the bolt also did quite a phenomenal job; no weld buildup or anything, all stamps are still visible on bolt body and the knob still has the original matching serial number. Original wartime stock, very clean. Had her out this past weekend and shot 1.5" groups @ about 110ish yards seated indian style, ammo was surplus Russian 147gr. Seated at a bench, or with modern ammo, I could easily see this driving tacks into a quarter. I would have posted the targets, but something happened to them after 12 pounds of tannerite went off I just got this in a trade last week (some of you may recognize it from the Mosin HQ forum), but I've been wanting a few things on my trade list below for a little while now so I thought I'd put this up as fodder. Comes with scope caps, scope cover and sling (which looks like its possibly from a czech or yugo mauser?). The upper brass sling button is missing so I threw on 2 small zip ties just for functionality.
Had this rifle out this past weekend, used PPU 150gr. SP ammo and got groups ranging from 3/4"- 15/16" at 100 yards.
1944 VKT "PEM"
This is an M39 with a side-mount PEM scope setup! The base rifle is a '44 VKT with a minty bore and about 90% bluing. The stock was refinished but NOT sanded; just got a coat of stain and light poly. It looks shiny in the pics, almost like TruOil, but its not really at all, I used a satin finish poly. This rifle also has a blued cleaning rod too, looks to be original finish.The gunsmithing for the mount was done by our own resident sniper 'smith, Tigerman, who did a phenomenal job. The sights on the rifle are off a little to the right, so he lined the scope mount up with them instead of the bore-line. He explained to me that this was sometimes done by master gunsmiths to original 91/30 PEM's. You really can't notice it unless you really look hard at it, and it actually makes the rifle more comfortable to shoulder, since the slightly offset scope allows you to rest more of your cheek on to the comb for a rock solid cheek weld. The mount and scope are brand spankin' new from accumounts. The rifle has a bent bolt from Max Shepherd (outstanding job, I will be buying from him from now on for future projects). I do have the original matching bolt body too that is unmodified.
- Mosin Dragoon (w/type 1 or 2 handguard)
- Scoped Kar98k
- Other scoped Mausers, either model 95 or 98
- AG42 Ljungman
- Finnish M27's, M28's, M28/30's
I will ship CONUS to C&R or better, these are NOT antiques. Please PM me with offers/questions/etc. with your email! Im having problems with my email right now but should have them fixed shortly, it is
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