REDUCED: SWEDE/swedish LOT(3 rifles +accessories) -Two Ljungman AG42b (s)& M38

over 6 years ago
REDUCED: SWEDE/swedish LOT(3 rifles +accessories) -Two  Ljungman AG42b (s)& M38
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Fox Valley (NE Wisconsin) or simply Midwest USA

This is basically geared to a Swedish or WW2 firearms collector.
Quite a bit of stuff in one place.
I have personally hit 18x18" steel with all 3 of these rifles at 300m standing - repeatedly.
all three rifles are in great shape and all chambered in 6.5x55swede - the greatest cartridge on Earth in my honest opinion. great bores and great shooters.
AG-42b with lighter stock - not shot much at all.
What are you getting with this sale:
1941 husky (husqvarna) M38 - serial: 602571. non threaded barrel. appears all matching (including bolt). Little chip on the stock (see pictures)
1943 (dark stock) Ljungman AG-42b - serial: 20593 - great shape and great shooter. buttplate matches - uncommon!
1943 (light stock) Ljungman AG-42b - serial: 21008 - great shape and great shooter.
if you do not know about Ljungman AG-42b - about 33000 ever made, equipment sold to Egypt and Hakim was born (looks a lot alike).
3 bayonets with frogs.
2 Ljungman tool rolls - complete
2 swedish leather slings
10 swedish stripper clips (these work GREAT)
90 pieces of once fired winchester brass (6.5x55swede, obviously) in two new plano 50-slot boxes.
one rifle cleaning bottle with a brush.
1 magazine - long story, but I can only include one magazine pictured.
Hakim magazines or MG-13 25rd conversions work just fine with these (currently JB sells some hakim converted mags for under $100 ea), so you will have to either share a mag between two rifles or get some on your own.
there are plenty of pictures, please ask for any other specific images if needed.
all of these are over 50yrs old = thus C&R eligible.
also listed elsewhere
price: $2100 + actual shipping (guessing in the range of $70 via USPS); if you desire insurance - it will be extra. its $2000 now plus shipping
reason for selling:
well, I collect swedish mausers and Ljungman rifles + anything in 6.5x55 for that matter....
with that said, I need to raise $2100 fairly quickly.
If this sells first, well it is sold...however, if my SVD Dragunov sells first, I will take this lot off the chopping block.
So, I do not want to sell, I need to raise cash and these 3 rifles are duplicates anyhow of what I already own...
I do not own junk nor junk you will recieve .
so, shipping to C&R or FFL, must accept from private party (I will furnish my WI drivers license)