WTS 1943 Ljungman AG-42B w/ extra stock $800 OBO

about 6 years ago
WTS 1943 Ljungman AG-42B w/ extra stock $800 OBO
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Biloxi Mississippi

I have a 1943 Ljungman AG-42B with an additional stock, that I need to sell to fund another purchase. The receiver and butt plate match, the barrel has a different number stamped on the it (under the hand guard), as well as the stock (stamped 04), hand guard (stamped 04) and bolt cover (electro-pencil). The trigger guard screws are a little buggered up, the barrel is not import marked and looks like it has strong lands and grooves, but could use a little cleaning. The hand guard and stock have a crack at the muzzle end. The additional stock has 2 repairs and a chip at the muzzle end as seen in the pics.
IÂ’m asking $800 plus shipping, OBO, but if my price seems outlandish please let me know and IÂ’ll try to be a little more realistic. Pics are below, this is on other forums, first definite, posted, IÂ’ll take it (based on time stamp) wins. Please let me know if youÂ’d like more pics and thanks for looking.