(2) Lorcin L22 handguns for other things I could use

over 5 years ago
(2) Lorcin L22 handguns for other things I could use
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Rewrote the thread below due to the many questions/"weird" offers that came in. Also have taken these to a range to test them and can now guarantee they work.
Cleaning out the safe, I came across (2) Lorcin .22 handguns, model L22. Got in a large deal 5 years ago, sat in safe, and just recently tested at the range.
One has a white pearl grip, the other has a pink grip. His and her's models I guess. Look to be in great condition (look just like new), don't see any wear on them. Each comes with one magazine. No rust, scratches, cracks, dings, etc. Extremely minor chrome pitting in spots that's hard to see, from the lack of quality chroming materials when manufactured.
I took these to the range in the past week to test, since many have asked about whether they will shoot or not. They shoot. I had one failure to feed (stovepipe) out of each magazine, using cheap .22LR. I can't guarantee better or worse conditions for you...so if you are interested, go in to this deal with the understanding that each round may fail to feed properly, or each round will feed fine. They are Lorcin's...they are famous for issues (jams, stovepipes, and other problems), but occasionally one is found that doesn't have any problems. They are a nice small size for pocket carry, but I wouldn't trust my own life to it working when it really counted.
Due to some lowball offers, I've updated my trade wants below (two people offered a 550 count box of .22LR for both of the guns...seriously).
Just some things off the top that may interest me in trades are:
.22 or 10/22 rifle
(4) factory Glock 33-round mags
(8) factory Glock G15 or G17 high-cap mags
(5) S&W M&P 17 round mags
650 rounds of 9mm decent ball ammo (no Russian, problem, or really dirty ammo)
400 rounds of 9mm quality defense ammo
An unbelievable high number of decent .22LR (sorry, I don't value it at $50 a box like the gun shows do)
I would trade these, and cash or other items, towards a Glock in 9mm.
I can +/- cash in any deal we work out as needed.
Located near Fishers/Noblesville. Email is the best way to reach me but feel free to IM if that works better for you.
Not interested in selling for cash, not in need of money.