Lorcin l380

almost 5 years ago
Lorcin l380
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amishland, Pennsylvania (Lancaster County)

Up for grabs is a delightful American made chrome (SHINY SHINY) Lorcin L380 chambered in John Moses Browning's masterpiece .380 auto (also known as 9x17 or 9mm kurz in the more civilized parts of the world) This fine specimen of cast zinc construction would look just wonderful tucked in the waistband of your saggy trousers or haphazardly flailed about sideways while shouting "FLAVOR FLAV!" includes one heel release magazine and enough weight to hold down a pile of papers during a thunderstorm. And all this can be yours for the princely sum of $80 DON'T DELAY!
Sold AS IS, No guarantee of function, accuracy, or safety (I haven't shot it, so I don't know). The seller is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any consequences of your shoving this pistol in your trousers, waving it around or any other irresponsibility or negligence. Learn how to use a firearm safely