USED / WTS Danish Madsen M47 Rifle / Clinton Township / $700

over 4 years ago
USED / WTS Danish Madsen M47 Rifle / Clinton Township / $700
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WTS Danish Madsen M47 Rifle
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Clinton Township
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Looking to sell off my Danish Madsen M47 rifle in hopes to free up funds to buy a WW1 Luger pistol.
I'll let pictures tell the story, and provide links to info about these rifles, but essentially, the Danish Madsen was the last Military bolt action rifle produced, and due to it being produced after WW2, it actually never saw any military use, and was only stored by the Columbians who were the only country to place an order for the rifles. After storage, they were sold surplus to the USA, and are found only on the second hand market now.
They are chambered in .30 cal(30-06) for the american M2 ball ammunition, which is why i picked it up, as i have several U.S. rifle already in 30-06, as well as a supply of M2 ball ammo to feed this rifle and others. THey have an integrated muzzlebreak, and adjustable peep sights as original equipment. This rifle is in original condition, and not sporterized in any way.
Estimates place the total quantity of these rifles made at less than 6500 total, since columbia never accepted the contract with Madsen, no more were ever made, so these rifles are a cool piece of C&R military history. Columbia never accepted the contract due to the U.S. loan/leasing them a stockpile of semi-auto M1 Garands and Carbines after WW2, not due to any flaws with the madsen, it's just that the bolt-action rifle's day had passed and semi-auto's were the new norm.
Condition on this rifle is beautiful and excellent, save for one flaw on the stock seen in the pictures. The metal and bore condition are excellent. Any questions, please ask, or if you want other pictures let me know.
Since i am selling this to free up funds for a Luger, that would be the only trade i would consider, but this rifle is only the first on the list that is to be sold to free up funds for the Luger. There will be some vintage M2 AP ammo available for sale to go along with this rifle after i finish sorting it all out.
Thanks for looking,