McWhorters 338 Lapua - Stiller, Proof, Manners

about 1 year ago
McWhorters 338 Lapua - Stiller, Proof, Manners
Magnum Research
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Long Range Hunting

I’ve got too much money tied up in my rifle collection and need to let a couple go to new homes.
This is a full custom 338 Lapua by McWhorters, and it shoots like, well, a McWhorters rifle.
The specs are below…
Stiller TAC 338 - Super smooth and perfect.
26” Proof Research Carbon Fiber, Sendero Contour (threaded 5/8x24)
Stock: Manners EH1 – Carbon Fiber, Painted and coated in DuraVelvet
Trigger: Jewell Trigger
Bottom Metal: Wyatt’s 5 round mag (allows loading over SAAMI specs)
All Metal done in Midnight Gray
Muzzle Brake: Thunderbeast Ultra 338 – Can attach TBAC Ultra 338 Suppressor
Scope Rail:
20 MOA and pinned to the action
Bipod Rail:
Atlas rail for attaching a bipod
This rifle has exactly 140 rounds through it plus whatever McWhorters did when they did load work up.
I’ve only shot 250 Grain Berger Elite Hunters in it, but it is NOT a picky rifle at all.
I’m certain any quality ammo will shoot well.
I haven’t shot it at 100 yds much, but you can see a few of the groups in the pictures.
It always shoots sub
Rifle is in 99%+ condition.
It’s never been hunted, just shot at the range. In the picture of the scale you can see the weight with my Nightforce NXS plus rings, scope caps, and scope level is 10.8 lbs.
The scope, rings, etc weigh 2.3 lbs, so the bare rifle with an empty mag is 8.5 lbs.
A really excellent mid-weight rifle that is heavy enough to shoot comfortably, but perfect to carry in the mountains as an ultra-long range hunting rifle.
I will include 140 Pieces of once fired Lapua brass that have been de-primed, resized for this chamber, and cleaned.
The NF scope and rings are NOT included, but if interested can be purchased separately.
I’ve got over $6400 invested in this rifle and I’m asking $4400 shipped to your FFL.
I’m sorry, but I’m not considering any trades, as I really need to consolidate my rifle collection.
I also have a Thunderbeast Ultra 338 Suppressor for this rifle that I will sell as well if interested.
This suppressor literally tames this down to 22Mag sound levels, and 308 recoil levels.
It’s slightly more complicated to sell suppressors between private parties, but it can be done is interested.
If there are any questions about the rifle please email me at