WTS 7saum (Fusion Titanium Action, Proof Research barrel)

almost 2 years ago
Magnum Research
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Long Range Hunting

I have a build in proccess that I am wanting to sell. I have the Barreled action in hand. The stock, bottom metal, trigger should ship this next week from McMillan, as I have been charged for all of it. Again this is not a 100% completed rifle. Will need to bed barred action to the stock, then need blast or Cerakote. Here are the build parts.
1. Lone Peak Fuzion Titanium SA, extended mag well, 20 Moa rail
2. Proof Research full bull barrel, 1-8 twist, 23 3/4" length, 5/8 24 threaded muzzle
3. Timney trigger
4. McMillan Game Warden stock with Edge fill and Adjustable cheek, setup ADL style with ADL trigger guard. The stock is inleted for this particular Barreled action
5. Wyatt's extended centerfeed box and follower
6. Whidden FL die set
Weight of the rifle completed is expected to be 7.5-7 3/4 lbs
WTS for $4200 plus shipping
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