East German Makarov Package + Ammo

almost 2 years ago
East German Makarov Package + Ammo
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Hi everyone,
Up for sale or trade I have a very nice example of a 63' East German Makarov. I purchased this about 8 years ago or so and have maybe put 2 or 3 boxes through it, otherwise it's just sat in the safe. Thought it was about time to sell it to someone who'll enjoy it or trade it off for something I'll get some use out of.
Asking $900
Here's what's included and how I'm breaking down the price:
East German Makarov in Excellent condition: $400
IWB Holster: $15
7 East German Magazines: $95
Roughly 2k rounds mixed factory FMJ & HP ammo: $390
I also believe I have a spare recoil spring and hogue grip around somewhere but I'll have to dig through some boxes to confirm.
I'd prefer not to split this up, but I'd probably be willing to if the ammo sells first. I am willing to ship but please know that it'll be expensive as 2k rounds of ammo is heavy and I'll have to charge actual price.
In terms of trades, I'm open to really anything. I'm a big fan of 9mm Glocks and can never have enough of those. Other interesting rifles and/or pistols would be considered. Please no low-quality AR stuff.
I'm located in Bend but traveling over to the valley tomorrow so if you're interested in this and live over there I could possibly meet somewhere tomorrow before 1pm. Any other questions please just let me know.