small trailer project

almost 2 years ago
small trailer project
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I have a crappy little lightweight trailer,VW axle & torsion bars,needs springs (has a coil spring on one side,other side was missing so they put a piece of square tubing in its place)
I've actually hauled 2 motorcycles on this thing from Milwaukie to Estacada and back.Its very light duty though-I wouldn't trust much weight on it.A few hundred pounds max.Add some sides,beef it up,use it on the farm,or tow it behind your Prius.Whatever.
It's about 3 1/2' x 6',deck is made of expanded metal with a couple pieces of 3/4 inch plywood on it.
Tows fine,lights work,nice fenders,has VW alloy wheels and the tires are excellent (comes with 2 spares in excellent condition)
Takes a 2" ball.
No title or plate,as they arent required in Oregon..Sorry WA guys.
Again,it's a project.Dont expect a jewel;
DO expect everything else I've written in this ad.
My soft headed wife put it on Craigslist today,but "accidentally" put it in the free section,and I had so many emails that I am still deleting them..At least I learned that there is some interest out there !!
Its not FREE,but I will sell it for $100,or preferably trade for-
M1 Carbine mags
AK mags
1911 mags
1911 holster
Name brand OTF knife
or ammo in-
.30 carbine
30-40 Krag
.45 ACP
9x18 Makarov