Arisaka Type 44, Sporterized

over 1 year ago
Arisaka Type 44, Sporterized
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Produced in the Koishikawa (Tokyo) arsenal between 1911 and 1933. Low serial number (7706 of 56,000) probably puts it around 1915. Condition pretty good for 100 years old. Some light rust, primarily on the action and bolt, slightly heavier on the floor plate and trigger guard. Very nice stock, has Fagen buttplate so I presume it's a Fagen stock. Bore is so-so. Chrysanthemum is intact and all markings are in good condition. Asking $300. Only real trade interest is a Marlin Model 62 in .256 Win. Mag. with cash from me. I will always consider offers or other trades, but primarily trying to reduce inventory. Thanks for looking.