Marlin 39A

over 1 year ago
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Varmint Hunters
Central Wyoming and Southwest Arizona

this is absolutely the nicest Model 39A
I have ever had in my
Made in 1984,
JM stamped,
it is as close to new as you will find,
I believe it is unfired but cant prove it.
NO nicks, NO dings,
NO scratches,
NO "issues" of any kind.
Blue is perfect,
buttstock has two very tiny marks that wont
show up in pix. .
The lever has been actuated a few times as it
shows a little wear in the usual spots.
The action is tight,
as you would expect with a new or like-new rifle.
The original Marlin hammer extension is present,
the front sight hood is not.
If you have been waiting for
a really nice Marlin 39A to appear,
one without the safety and the rebounding hammer,
here it is.
Price of $750.00
includes FREE SHIPPING to your FFL
in the lower 48.
Buyer is responsible to comply with all laws.
Your FFL must accept shipments from a private citizen.