Marlin model 600 model 60

over 3 years ago
 Marlin model 600 model 60
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I thought all this time it was a model 60. I'd never heard of a 600 and it wasn't until I was taking pictures today that I saw it called a model 600 on the barrel. I had to Google it and this is what I found out.
Wiki said:
Marlin Model 600 - Made specially for Big 5 Sporting Goods between 1986 and 1989. This model is very rare because of the short production run, and little info is known. Came with a supremely durable gold-plated metal trigger instead of the standard polymer trigger, and a stainless steel breech bolt in lieu of the blue steel breech bolt on the Model 60.
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I think this is on the older side of that date range because it has the longer, 22" barrel and mag tube. It does have the gold trigger and the bolt is stainless. The Tasco red dot looks ridiculous on there but it works well and this is the only gun I have that it fits on so I left it on there.
It's a nice rifle.
$150 or make me any offer you like. I don't have anything in mind for a trade so just make me your offer but cash will have priority.