WTT Marlin Model 39/Swedish gear/Mauser stock

over 2 years ago
WTT Marlin Model 39/Swedish gear/Mauser stock
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Hey All - I have a super nice original Marlin Model 39 for trade. I'm only luke warm on moving it as it is soooo freakin cool but it doesn't fit my collecting/shooting interests at this time. It has a non-prefix serial number so it was made in the mid to late 20s. It has a Marbles sight and the original bead front sight. Everything is as it left the factor with the exception of the Marbles sights, a few nicks and dings and the discoloration of the receiver which I understand is normal.
I'm interested in WWII stuff and prefer original condition, matching numbers, no import marks, no defaced symbols, mums, etc. Here are a few pieces I'd be interested in in no particular order; SVT 38 or 40, Mosin Nagan M91/30 sniper, Springfield or Rock Island 1903 (not 03) - I would consider 1930s refurb, M1 Carbine, K98s, G43, Arisakas - Mukden Type 38, Type 44 with early bayonet housing, Type 99 long, Nagoya or TJK 27th series rope hole, Jinsen Type 99 Series 40, Arisaka sniper and/or scope, Type 38 carbine with dust cover, Izawa Jyuko Type 99 9th Series, Howa Jyuko Type 99 9th Series, Lithgow No.1 Mk III and I'm sure there is probably more stuff that I cannot think of at the moment. I think the Marlin is worth more then a few items on my list and certainly not as much as other so either side can make up the difference with cash or other items (bayonet, gear, etc.). I have my C&R. Thanks and let me know if you want more pics.