5.56, 500 ROUNDS

almost 3 years ago
5.56, 500 ROUNDS
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Hi all,
I've sold my last 5.56 rifle and I've decided to go AK exclusively so I'm selling the last of my ammo reserves.
This is 500 rounds 5.56/.223 ammunition. It's all factory new (no reloads), just a bit of a mash up since it was all just pulled from my safe.
Here's the exact breakdown:
400 rounds 5.56 Lake City 55 grain
40 rounds Independence 5.56 55 grain
40 rounds PPU 5.56 55 grain
20 rounds Tula steel case .223 55 grain
So 480 rounds brass and 20 rounds steel (because I ran out of brass to put in the can, lol.)
Looking for $140 total.
You get to keep the ammo can of course. It all equals out to 28 cents a round. Im quite sure that you won't find a better deal than that.
Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions!