Super Lightweight AR-15 (V7, BAD, BCM, Spikes...premium parts) - OC no shipping

about 2 years ago
Super Lightweight AR-15 (V7, BAD, BCM, Spikes...premium parts) - OC no shipping
Available on
Cal Guns
Yorba Linda

This is a premium lightweight AR-15 with no plastic/polymer parts.
All parts are U.S. made from high-end brands, almost all of which are the best/lightest available.
Weight is 4.9 lbs
fully assembled and it feels absolutely awesome.
40 rounds through it, basically new.
This is also a great gun if you plan to go featureless next year instead of registering.
All you'd need to do is put a wrap over the pistol grip and you're fully 2017 compliant.
I will include the original magazine release (in addition to the installed bullet button) so you can switch it out when the time comes.
Location: Yorba Linda
Caliber: 5.56/.223
Price: $1900 optics ready (or $2100 with Burris Fastfire III Red Dot - 1.5oz!!)
Complete parts list:
Spikes Honey Badger Forged Lower Receiver
Spikes Lightweight Slick Side Upper Receiver
Faxon 5.56 Lightweight Barrel (lightest 5.56 barrel available)
BCM KMR Alpha 13" Keymod Rail (lightest rail available)
BCM Medium Charging Handle
RCA Low Mass Bolt Carrier Group
BAD Titanium Gas Block (lightest gas block available)
WMD Nitromet Gas Tube
V7 Furion Titanium Muzzle Brake (lightest brake available)
ELF 3-Gun Trigger (2.5 to 4 lbs adjustable)
Magpul Aluminum Enhanced Trigger Guard
Magpul MOE-K Grip (lightest available)
ACE Ultralite Stock
JE Enterprises Low Mass Rifle Buffer (lightest available)
JE Enterprises Tuned Recoil Spring