1940 FN M-1935 Mauser

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1940 FN M-1935 Mauser


Price: $308

Brand: Mauser

Seller: Gideon_111

Available on: http://forum.pafoa.org

Location: Pennsburg, Pennsylvania (Montgomery County)


I am looking to trade my Refitted 1940 FN M-1935 Belgian Infantry Issue 7.65mm Mauser. and 150+ rounds of 7.65mm FMJ (Match grade)...

The Barrel and bolt serial numbers match.
The original stock also matches (BUT was sporterized when captured by allied forces and brought home as a war trophy).

I replaced the stock with that off an Italian AZ Mauser
The upper stock is off a K-98 (as are the hardware).

WILL FIRE SAFELY, and is accurate with Iron sights.

I am looking to trade this for a Remington 700 in .308 or suitable .308 or 30.06 Rifle for hunting...

Well sell outright, but only for the right price.

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