8mm German/Yugo Mauser- Best on CalGuns

over 1 year ago
8mm German/Yugo Mauser- Best on CalGuns
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Los Angeles

Make: German/Yugoslavian
Model: Mauser
Caliber: 8mm
Location (city or county): Los Angeles, CA
Price: 900
Will ship (Y/N): Y
Looking to sell my pride and joy. I built this gun myself during the gunsmith time of my life. I worked at a rare antique gun-restoration shop at the time, and had the know-how and tools to work on the strangest WWI and WWII rifles around. I built this as a side project, ground up. I detailed/polished every single part by hand before bagging separately and sending off to re-blu the entire rifle. Handpicked the stock out of hundreds, and perfect matched the upper. I 7-stage sanded, then light stained, and applied tons of oil coats to finally achieve the sheer and look I wanted. The bolt operates flawlessly. I chromed out the butt plate to add some contrast. Thing shoots AMAZING and sounds AMAZING. People can't stop looking when they see these at the range, and the power of the 8mm just lays down the law. A total of 45 rounds have been through this gun, with 20 being used to sight in the perfect 100 yard grouping (professional sighted; not myself). This was an original GERMAN Mauser, with waffenamts scattered throughout the gun. I could also see the orig. German serial number when detailing, hard to see...Was restamped with the Yugo when they were using them Most are under the stock, but I snagged two of them (on the sight and below). Bolt, and a bunch of others parts have identical markings, so the gun is original. Barrel bore is rated Very Good-Excellent. I could keep writing, but maybe message me if you want more details or specific pictures. It has also been like 6 years since I built this, and I might not remember everything. I literally put it away once sited, and now I took it out for photos...
I can't get the ammo very often down here in Los Angeles, and need a better home defense weapon (AR-15). That said, I am open to trades, but hope people understand the true value of this firearm.