Sporterized Swiss K31 Accurate rifle

over 5 years ago
Sporterized Swiss K31 Accurate rifle
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(city or county): Vallejo Ca. solano county

Make: Swiss K31 sporterModel:
7.5x55 SwissLocation (city or county):
Vallejo Ca. solano countyPrice:
300 FirmWill ship (Y/N):
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Sporterized Swiss K31. i was using this to compete open sight for awhile and it's my designated hunting rifle. i can hit 6 inch steel plates @ 500 yards no problem on the open mojo sites that i have. the mojo site is by refield. the rifle is in excellent condition and i got it on a stock to resemble a remi 700. It's bedded and the barrel is free floated the action is smooth as butter and the rifle is in a nice parkerized finish for durablity. i do not shoot surplus. i shoot handloads witrh this rifle. although there are ammos readily available fof this rifle on the internet. this is the most accurate surplus rifle i have in my collection. out shoots my k98 mauser and my m39 finn easily. but my brit 303 does keep up with
first one who says ill take it gets it. 925 895 1894