TURKISH COMMISSIONED GEW 88/05/35, Riverside, no ship

over 1 year ago
TURKISH COMMISSIONED GEW 88/05/35, Riverside, no ship
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Turkish Gew 88/05/35 for sale!
Caliber: 8mm Mauser
Location: Riverside
Price: 350 obo CASH AND CARRY
Will ship (Y/N): No
Other info:
Turkish Model 88/05/35 long rifle chambered in 8x57 caliber (8mm Mauser). It was born as a German 1888 Commission Rifle that later went through the 1905 conversion to the 8x57 round. Then sometime between about 1916 and 1918 the Germans sold many of them to Turks who then modified them further in the 1930's and early 1940's with the final result illustrated in the rifle for sale here. Has original cleaning rod AND dust cover on bottom of the magazine! I have not Shot the rifle, but want to clear some space for new rifles I have on layaway. Please pm me with any questions. Thanks!
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