WTT K11 and Garand in San Diego, Ship Maybe

over 1 year ago
WTT K11 and Garand in San Diego, Ship Maybe
Available on
Cal Guns
(city or county): San Diego

Swiss and HRA
K11 and Garand
Swiss and 30-06
Location (city or county):
San Diego
$325 and $1000 but trades preferred
Will ship (Y/N):
Other info:
I have a K11 with matching numbered bolt, receiver, wood, mag, trigger guard up for trade. The rifle does not have an import mark. I can include a bayonet with the trade if necessary.
Also have a Garand sent by CMP. HRA receiver in Service Grade criteria. Everything the CMP sends will be included. Pics of 2 of 3 Garands included. 2 have SA barrels 1 of which is a 10-64, the other has HRA barrel and quite a few HRA parts. Only pics of the 2 with SA barrels are included. Can take pics of the other if requested.
Looking for a matching K31, Compact L, Chinese SKS, SA M1 with original barrel WW2, Russian SKS no XXXXX, Chinese Mauser, VZ24 particularly with the lion crest or without crest if matching, particularly if it is a Chinese contract, matching T53, Inglis BHP, really any Chinese guns, Mosin M38 or 91/59 or M44, CZ52, CZ82, handguns, revolvers, CZ Kadet conversion, 20" AR upper, 9mm, .223, 7.62x39, silver, gold, etc. List is not all inclusive, make offers, alternatively just because it is listed does not mean I will take it. Czech, Chinese.
I have a C&R and COE. Can add $ to get equal values if necessary.