My long guns for your guns

about 3 years ago
My long guns for your guns
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<dd>Alexandria, IN</dd>

Have several things I either don't need, want, the shiny new-y-ness has worn off , what have you; that I'd like to trade for things with those qualities.
Anything can have cash go either way, figure that's what negotiating is for . I'll put monetary values next to them, mostly as a place to start but if you wanted to pay cash, we can talk too. Don't like the price, we can talk that too.
1) Ithaca M-49 in .22WMR (magnum), single shot lever action clone. Shows age but not abused. Functions great. Have $200 in it, need pretty close to it back out
2) Marlin 881 .22LR bolt action / tube fed w/ Tasco 3-9x40 on top. JM marked. $300
3) CAI VZ2008 (VZ58) with folding stock. Has leather sling and cleaning kit (not pictured), didn't receive bayonet with this (didn't get through PSA, though likely guy before me did). Gun - 5 mags - US PALM Multe-Purpose Attack Rack v.1 - 60 rounds Tula HP (not pictured). $675 (would knock off $75 if you really didn't want the MPAR).
4) Obligatory Mosin 91/30. People don't kid when these things tend to multiply.
"Shooter grade" Izzy - 1942. floor plate is force matched, bolt - butt - receiver match. Has a bayonet and Cleaning Rod, sling is lost. - $125
5) Maverick 88 - 12g - 5 shot tube. Full stock and pistol grip (installed grip is being kept), rifled and ported slug barrel (missing rear rifle sight) and 19" smooth bore (cut from a 24" sluggster barrel) w/ bead up front. $350
Okay, that's what I have, now what I'm aware that I'm looking for, not an inclusive list and feel free to offer things not on it... EXCEPT Black Powder, single shot shotguns, Xbows or Jennings / Lorcin / Hi Point/ Taurus automatic's .
Kahr mid-sized 9 or 45
Glock 43
Sig pistols - mostly 225 / 227 / 228 or a maybe a 226 in .40
Full sized M&P 9mm
500 / 590 with 8 shot tube. 12 or 20 g. Really want a Blackwater edition.
Pump .410, particularly a 18" 500 / 600
Semi-automatic chambered in 7.62x54R (except SVT-40)
M77 .308
.22lr rifle, tube fed, really looking for the lever action with the rounded receiver - any make or model (Like a Mossberg Palomino, just as example - picture for effect
also some parts of interest:
Spikes AR Lowers - Honey Badger, Ghost Gun , Spartan
TLR-1 / HL
Magazines and ammo for an AR in 6.5 Grendel
Ok any offers can be PM'd here or email:
I live outside Anderson and work in Westfield. During the week would have to meet along US 32 between those cities, weekends I'd prefer to keep it with-in 1 hour of 46001 / between The Fort and N. Indy
Thanks for making it this far and have a good one