Shotguns! (2 old single shot; Savage 24; maverick 88)

about 4 years ago
Shotguns! (2 old single shot; Savage 24; maverick 88)
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Millersville, Pennsylvania (Lancaster County)

Hey guys,
Looking like I want to make a little room in the safe for a new toy, and have to sell some of my collection.
All sales will be FTF with PA DL AND LTCF.
All prices are somewhat flexible. Make me an offer...looking to sell these in the next 2 weeks!
The two older single shots I have not fired and do not intend to fire. It is your prerogative but with any 100 year old gun, safety must be paramount. I checked the actions and they work and dry fire fine.
So, that being said, I have the following for sale:
Harrington and Richardson model 1901
Not sure a lot about it. It is in rough shape, but does dry fire. Stock is a little loose, but break action works. I forgot where I found it, but I remember dating it to around 1914. This thing has a hair trigger. I mean shorter than my worked Accutrigger, and probably as light too. Would be a great mantle piece.
12ga, though reports say these older guns aren't meant to run on the modern shotgun powders/pressures.
Savage 220A
16 ga.
Again, dry fires, but have not shot live rounds through it. Break action works as well. Stock a little rough (small crack where it meets the receiver).
Mossberg Maverick 88.
Bought this from a forum member. 18.5" cylinder bore barrel....Great condition, practically no wear. Has a ATI folding stock.
Savage 24S-E.
This gun is in top condition. My dad bought it new and put less than 10 rounds through it, and put it in the gun safe where it sat for 30 years. Now I inherited it. I love the gun, but I don't own any other 20ga, or .22WMR for that matter, and don't want to keep 2 different kinds of ammo for one gun.
There is a small nick in the bottom of the stock and a small blemish on the shotgun barrel. The pins have some scuffs when I removed them to check the internals of the gun. Other than that it is in amazing condition. The 2 barrels are fully braised (more accurate and desirable, so I've heard). This is one I don't really want to sell, so I will not entertain any lowball offers!