WTS Gun, Weapons, War Books - Pic Heavy

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WTS Gun, Weapons, War Books - Pic Heavy
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2. Armored Fighting Vehicles of World Wars 1 and 2 / Armored cars, armored personnel carriers and self-propelled artillery, including the Gun Carrier, Jeep, Sturmmorser Tiger Assault Rocket Mortar, and many more. Over 370 color and B&W photos plus specifications in this excellent large format 128 page SC. $11 shipped
3. Aggressors / Tank vs. Combat Vehicle. An outstanding book packed with color and B&W drawings and photos, including several foldouts. Excellent oversize 13" X 10.5" HB with DJ. $12 shipped
4. The Glory Guys / The Story of the U.S. Army Rangers. The history of the Rangers in this like new 293 page HB with DJ. $9 shipped
5. Onward We Charge / The Heroic Story of Darby's Rangers in World War II. Excellent 312 page HB with DJ. $10 shipped
6. Out of the Sky / a history of airborne warfare. Includes German, British, American, Japanese, and Russian airborne actions. Excellent 286 page HB with DJ. $10 shipped
7. Commandos and Rangers of World War II. Some very interesting diagrams and photos in this excellent 288 page HB with DJ. $10 shipped
8. The Raiders / The Elite Strike Forces that Altered the Course of History. Excellent illustrated 224 page HB with DJ. $10 shipped
9. Battle for Burma. Excellent 190 page HB with DJ. $9 shipped
10. My War by Andy Rooney. A terrific read. Like new 333 page HB with DJ. $8 shipped
11. Chosin / Heroic Ordeal of the Korean War. VG 457 page HB with DH. $9 shipped
12. The Secrets of Inchon / The Untold Story of the Most Daring Covert Mission of the Korean War. Like new 325 page HB with DJ. $10 shipped
13. The Maverick War / Chennault and the Flying Tigers. Excellent 333 page HB with DJ. $9 shipped
14. Clash of Wings / World War II in the Air. A terrific book, covering air power on all fronts. Like new 415 page HB with DJ. $10 shipped
15. The Diary of a Napoleonic Soldier. The only known account by a common soldier of the campaigns from 1806 to 1813. Excellent 170 page HB with good DJ. $9 shipped
16. Hot Blood & Cold Steel / Life and Death in the Trenches of the First World War. VG 227 page HB with DJ with an inscription inside the front cover. $9 shipped
17. The Defeat of Imperial Germany 1917-1918. Excellent 247 page HB with DJ. $9 shipped
18. German Tank and Antitank. Chapters include: History and Development: Tanks, Armored Cars and Antitank Weapons; Armored Vehicles: Tanks and Self-Propelled Guns; Armored Cars: Wheeled and Semitracked; Antitank Guns: Taper Bore, High Velocity, and Super Heavy AT Guns; Miscellaneous Antitank Weapons: Antitank Pistols, Rifles, Mines and Rockets; and Uniforms, Badges, and Small Arms. Very good fully illustrated large format 260 page SC. $16 shipped