2000, Saiga 12 Bullpup, Mega Arms Custom Built AR, M&P 15-22 - Torrance

over 3 years ago
FS2000, Saiga 12 Bullpup, Mega Arms Custom Built AR, M&P 15-22 - Torrance
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I'm preparing for a move to DC later this year and instead of trying to figure out how to deal with the hassles of firearms there, I figured I'll just part with my stuff for now. I'm in no rush as I have 6 months before my move, so this isn't a panic sell. With that said, please, no ridiculous low ball offers. I prefer to sell each as is, but if the right offer comes through, I'll sell the stock gun first, then aftermarket piece by piece after.
I'm in Torrance. No shipping on these guys because I'm not even sure how that works. Obviously, if the gun sells and parts are left, I can ship those.
First up is my FS2000. Really sweet rifle. It's certainly a head turner whenever I was at the range - "space gun" they called it. It comes with the stock optic and shroud, but I added an aluminum rail and popped on an EOTech EXPS 3.2 with 4x magnifier. Yes, there is rail built in, but for some reason, the EOTech was far too tight to go on and while I could have forced it, I didn't want to. So it has a nice aluminum rail on it which cost $65 at Ammo Bros. It also has a Neutrigger, which lightens the pull a bit and smoothens it a lot. Also has an Urban ERT Sling. I don't have the part that wraps around you pictured, but it is included. For CA compliance, it has the MFI muzzle break and bullet button attached. Comes with the original box, tool bag and 4 pinned 10/30 magazines. The EOTech parts come with their original cases. This is the original 4x magnifier, which is rock solid and built better than the newer "plasticy" 3x magnifiers EOTech makes. It includes the flip to side and non moveable mounts.
Asking $3000 for the whole package.
Parted out is:
FS 2000 plus 1 magazine & minus the listed items below - $2200
EOTech EXPS 3.2 with 4x magnifier - $900
Urban ERT Sling - $65
10/30 magazines - $15/each
Next up is my custom AR built around a Mega Arms Billet upper and lower. This is not a cerakote. All the parts were taken to a shop, sandblasted and anodized the tan color you see. I wanted an FDE color rifle and this looks pretty sharp. The parts it is built from are as follows:
Mega Arms billet upper and lower
BCM bolt carrier group
Magpul ACS with Enhanced Rubber Butt-Pad, 0.70" (original stock one included as well)
Magpul AFG
Magpul MIAD grip with/cr123 holder
Magpul ASAP
Surefire mb556k muzzle break
13" Troy Alpha rail
Raddlock magazine lock
Daniel Defense 14.5" Midlength CHF Light Weight Barrel, stripped
JD Machine low profile gas block
ALG Defense combat trigger
Includes a tan Magpul MS3 Sling as well.
The plan was to get a nice FDE Trijicon ACOG to finish it off, but now I won't get the chance. Buy it and do it, then send me a photo.
This, obviously, I won't part out. I'm selling as one piece and asking $1600.
Next is my custom Saiga 12 in a bullpup configuration. This is probably my favorite of all of my firearms just because I haven't ever seen one like it. It's mounted in a Center Balanced Systems unit and includes a TAC 47 Industries Auto Plug to help cycle pretty much any load, a VEPR 12 "DOMINATOR" BRAKE to reduce kick back to almost nothing (and to look absolutely nasty!), and an Aimpoint Comp M2 on top. Also includes one 5 round magazine and 3 10 round magazines from AGP Arms and a Magpul AFG2 to round it out. It includes a device on the mag release which forces you to use a tool to remove the magazine, thus making it CA compliant. I also have the original stock and parts for the Saiga if you'd ever want to convert it back for some reason.
I'm asking $1700 for the whole shebang and will include a Magpul MS2 Sling along with it.
Pieced out as follows:
Saiga 12 and 5 round magazine, minus all the listed below items - $1300
TAC 47 Industries Auto Plug - $40
Aimpoint Comp M2 - $300
10 round AGP Magazines - $35/each
Magpul AFG2 - $25
Lastly, my first rifle which I'm sad to sell, an M&P 15-22. I went crazy accessorizing this when I got it because it was my baby. Includes the original box and has the following parts added onto it:
Magpul VFG
Magpul Picatinny rail covers
Magpul MIAD Grip with CR123 Battery Holder
Magpul ACS with Enhanced Rubber Butt-Pad, 0.70"
Spike's Fake Can (makes it look like a suppressed AR)
Nikon Prostaff Target EFR Rimfire 3-9 x40 Scope
Also comes with 4 10 round shorty magazines
Asking $ $800 for the whole package which includes a Magpul MS2 Sling as well.
I can bring the rifle back to stock and sell for $400.
Pieced out as follows:
Magpul VFG - $20
Magpul Rail Covers - $10
Magpul MIAD Grip - $30
Magpul ACS with both butt pads - $100
Spike's Fake Can - $80
Nikon Scope - $150
Magazines - $20/ea