WTS Semi Auto Beltfed MG42

about 6 years ago
WTS Semi Auto Beltfed MG42
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I have a Semi Auto MG42 built off what was once a WW2 German receiver.
It was imported as an Angola 3 cut kit that was built as a semi auto only capable receiver. There is a Waffen still intact on the receiver and on the trunnion. Markings are excellent and the semi auto function works like it is intended!
The original top cover that came with the rifle was a 7.62 part so to bring it back to 8mm, there is currently a Yugo top cover installed.
Otherwise all parts are German or US to bring into compliance.
The semi auto gripstick is from BRP using standard AR15 components and modified so that the "push pull" safety works. The semi auto bolt is custom built using a firing pin extension with special consideration in the design so that the gun CAN NOT fire when out of battery.
To my knowledge, this is the only design that has not bypassed this safety mechanism and is very important!It is currently in 8mm Mauser. Its a friggn SWEET gun, but I have diapers to buy! I am asking $4000 + shipping. Will entertain all offers and trades with cash. All applicable laws apply, must ship to an FFL if out of state. Please PM if you have any questions!