NEW 82 Naval + Aviation books plus Naval Academy Yearbook 1923, ARLEIGH BURKE's class

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NEW 82 Naval + Aviation books plus Naval Academy Yearbook 1923, ARLEIGH BURKE's class
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Shipping will $3.50 for the first volume purchased by an individual buyer and $1.50 for each subsequent volume in that purchase. Unless alternate arrangements are made the books will be shipped USPS Media Mail and only to the US.
I accept cheques, money orders, cash but not PayPal (as I have no desire to pay the exorbitant fees that they deem appropriate). Books will be shipped within 4 business days of payment clearing. PM me for other payment methods. The preferred method is cheques as I had a MO go missing in the mail and that is unpleasant for all parties, though the buyer was a true gentleman.
Please post a reply on this thread and PM me if you would like any of these works.
Thanks -Rooinek.
1923 Naval Academy LUCKY BAG
1. US Naval Academy yearbook (The Lucky Bag) for the Class of 1923. Condition is good, some wear to the spine but binding strong. Numerous graduates from the Class of 1923 went on to serve in WWII, perhaps the most famous being Arleign Burke. $100
Aviation Quarterly. These hardback "magazines" are full of fascinating information on the history of aviation. Superb stories coupled with photographs make these well worth the read. For what it is worth these are all listed as "Limited Numbered Edition 4450" All good reading condition. $5 each, buy four or more and they are $4 each. S&H as listed above applies.
2. SOLD Volume 4 No 1 (1978)
3. SOLD Volume 4 No 4 (1978)
4. SOLD Volume 5 No 3 (1979)
5. SOLD Volume 5 No 4 (1979)
6. SOLD Volume 6 No 1 (1980)
7. SOLD Volume 6 No 2 (1980)
8. SOLD Volume 6 No 3 (1980)
9. SOLD Volume 6 No 4 (1980)
10. Volume 7 No 1 (1981)
11. SOLD Volume 7 No 2 (1981)
12. SOLD Volume 7 No 3 (1981)
13. SOLD Volume 8 No 2 (1982)
14. SOLD Volume 8 No 3 (1982)
15. SOLD Volume 9 No 1 (1983)
All hardback with good binding. All rate from good reading condition and better. All are $4 each, buy 8 or more at $3.50 each.
Time Life: The Epic of Flight. (Brown Cover)
16. The Giant Airships
17. Knights of the Air
18. America in the Air War
19. The Carrier War
20. The Jet Age
21. The Luftwaffe.
21X. The Soviet Air Force
Time Life Epic of Flight (Blue Cover) These have the same text as the brown cover editions
22. The Luftwaffe
23. Soldiers of Fortune
24. Fighting Jets
25. The Helicopters
26. Architects of Air Power
27. Knights of the Air
Time Life: The Seafarers
28. The U-Boats
29. The Armada
30. The Frigates
interior images from USAF Review and USAF in SE Asia
31. SOLD No Margin for Error; The Making of the Israeli Air Force by Yonay. Hardback, very good reading condition (impressed stamp of former owner inside cover) First Edition. $8
32. Flyboys by Bradley Very Good reading condition w/dj $6
33. A
Short History of Airpower. Hardback w/ dj Good reading condition. $4
34. Modern Air Combat. Oversized hardback w/ dj. Good reading condition. Great pictures. $6
35. 1954-1979 A Pictorial Review of the US Air Force Academy. Hardback , very good reading condition. $25
36. High in the Empty Blue; History of 56 Squadron RFC, RAF 1916-1919 Large hardback w/ dj very good reading condition. Great photos. $55
37. Carrier Air Group Commanders, The Men and their Machines. Schiffer Military History Book. Hardback Very Good reading condition. $40
38. Fighter Aces of the USA published 1979. Photos and info on hundreds of aces. WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Hardback, god reading condition. $20
39. The United States Air Force in South-East Asia. Good reading condition, hardback no dj $20
40. SIGNED High Times; Keeping 'em Flying. Hardback w/ dj Good reading condition.
41. Parnall Aircraft Since 1914 Hardback very good reading condition $35
42. Blackburn Aircraft Since 1909 Hardback very good reading condition $40
43. On Yankee Station. The Naval War over Vietnam. Trade Paperback good reading condition. $5
44. A question of Loyalty; General Billy Mitchell and the Court-Martial that Gripped the Nation. Hardback w/ dj First Edition. Good reading condition. $7
45. Osprey Combat Aircraft 27; The Air War in the Gulf 1991. Paperback good reading condition. $6
46. Aviation Times. in RUSSIAN but published in Ukraine. 44 pages w/ many photos as well as large schematic (see photo) on the Tupolev TB-3. Even if you do not read Russian this is a neat piece. Good reading condition. $5 (ships for free with any other purchase)
47. A Passion for Wings; Aviation and the Western Imagination 1908-1918. Hardback no dj. Good reading condition fascinating. $9
48. Royal Air Force Flying Review. Sept 1960 – Aug 1961. Bound magazine issues. Great stories, pictures . Good reading condition $20
49. Royal Air Force Flying Review. Oct 1962 – Oct 1963. Bound magazine issues. Great stories, pictures . Good reading condition $20
50. AIRWAR by Jablonski, 2 volumes hardback. Average reading condition. $20
51. Dreadnought; Britain Germany and the Coming of the Great War. First Edition Hardback good reading condition. $9
51X. Dreadnought; same as above except this is a trade paperback and obviously not a first edition. $6
52. The Sea Captain's Wife; Story of Love Race and War in the Nineteenth Century. Hardback w/ dj $4
53. Voyage of the Armada, Good reading condition Hardback w dj $4
54. The Sea Rover's Practice; Pirate Tactics and Techniques 1630-1730 Hardback w/ dj Good reading condition $8
55. In the Heart of the Sea, Whaleship ESSEX by Philbrick Good reading condition hardback $4
56. The Ice Master; The Doomed 1913 Voyage of the KARLUK First Edition hardback w/ dj Good reading condition $4
57. Nelson's Favorite HMS AGAMEMNON at War 1781-1809 Hardback, very good reading condition. $12
58. Shadows on the Horizon: The Battle of Convoy HX-233. Hardback w/ dj. Very Good reading condition. $8
59. Naval Academy Reef Points 1973-1974. This is ex library, but it is ex-Naval Academy (Nimitz) Library. One of these is issued to each incoming Plebe who is responsible for the information contained therein. Good reading condition, $10
60. Wedding of the Waters. The Erie Canal and the Making of a Great Nation. Hardback good reading condition First Edition $7
61. The USS ESSEX and the Birth of the American navy. Hardback w/ dj good reading condition $5
62. A Time to Die, Untold Story of the Kursk Tragedy. Hardback w/ dj. Good reading condition. $6
63. Caliban's Shore; the Wreck of the GROSVENOR and the Strange Fate of her Survivors. Hardback w/ dj good reading condition First American Edition $7
64. The Pirate Hunter, story of Captain Kidd. Hardback good reading condition $7
65. The Last Flag Down; the Epic Journey of the Last Confederate Warship. Hardback w/ dj Good reading condition $8
66. SOLD US Armored Cruisers; Design and Operational History. Hardback w/ badly damaged dj. Book itself is in good condition. Naval Institute Press, great photos $15
67. Annapolis Book of Seamanship, good reading condition w/ dj. $7
68. The Lost Ships of Guadalcanal, great photos, oversized hardback w/ dj. Good reading condition. $8
69. The World's Navies. Hardback. Good reading condition. $7
70. SIGNED by Latvian CNO (to "David Sir") National Armed Forces, Naval Forces Hardback w/ dj good reading condition. $12
71. SOLD US Naval Vessels 1943. Hardback w/ dj. Good reading condition. $11
72. SIGNED Farragut; America's First Admiral $11
73. 1943 Naval Officer's Guide hardback good reading condition EXCEPT a page has been torn out (see photograph). Chapters on pay, supply, leave, great section with photos on medals and much more. Phenomenal window on the Navy of 70 years ago. $12
74. Bluejackets Manual, 1940. Softcover, average reading condition. NOTE there is some water staining on some pages (see photo in next section) but the pages are not warped nor is there substantial damage. $17
75. Damage Control Second Edition, 1951. Great pull out charts and interesting read. Good reading condition hardback $12
76. US Navy Flight Training Manual published July 1945. Some tearing to spine, (see pics) but overall good condition. Softback $25
77. The Battle of Britain. This is an interesting one, this is a First American Edition, published in 1941 as "The Official British Air Ministry Record" Paperback, average condition but a rare piece. $11
78. Battleships in Action Volumes I & II by H W Wilson Very Good reading condition, published by Naval Institute Press these are must have reference materials for the BB enthusiast. $37
79. The Letters and Papers of Alfred Thayer MAHAN in 3 volumes. Hardback no dj. Volume 3 has some staining to the cover (see photo) but it does NOT extend inside the volume. All are in good reading condition. $50
80. British Submarines at War 1939-1945. Hardback no dj. Good reading condition. $8
81. Storms and Shipwrecks of New England by Snow, published 1946 (3rd ed) Hardback no dj. Good reading condition. $9
82. A Pilgrim Returns to Cape Cod by Snow published 1946 First Edition. Good reading condition. $10

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