AR15 PARTS And ACCESSORIES 5.56, 5.45, 6.5Grendel. ECT

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AR15 PARTS And ACCESSORIES 5.56, 5.45, 6.5Grendel. ECT
MK Arms
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Magpul Handguard MOE vg-ex $20
Carbon Fiber free float tube . Not some of the holes for installation are buggered up and there are some holes cut into it. $50
Magpul AFG black some filing done make it fit on a tight rail but are invisible when installed and still tightens up as it is supposed to. $23
Purple A1 delta rings $15 each
I do have some other color they are a brownish blackish gray I can not really sort the color but they are not purple if you want one them just say you don't want purple I can not guarantee that they are any specific color due to that the color changes with the lighting they may also have some minor nicks or scrapes in the finish they are also $15 each plus shipping.
Colt 14.5" barrel 1/7 twist with Pinned 2" flash hider a little over the 16" min NFA length used VG+ condition unknown rounds but my guess base on condition is that is is low with the delta ring assembly $220 without $210 without
COLT C marked M16 style Carrier with MPC marked bolt Vg-EX $165,
A1 hand guards one side is new old stock the other side is in VG-EX condition $65 per set
Carbine Hand Guards this are identical to colt carbine hand guards in every way except the heat shields. They are made of the same bakelite material, same semi-gloss finish same details except the heat shields are cut a little differently. My guess is they came from the same manufacturer as the colt hand guards but were part of a contract with a different company they are used with some wear but still in VG condition $65 per set.
COLT GLOSSY M4 Hand Guards these are early colt M4 hand guards made of the same bakelite material as the early carbine handguards these are surplus and do show some wear but still in VG condition $20 each
Hand Gaurd with Magpul rails $20
Stag arms left handed carrier stripped unfired $60
Stag Arms Left handed bolt modified for 5.45x39 $50
Bushnell Elite 3200 3-9x50 with 30mm tube Black Matte $185
I am the second owner of this I never mounted it. The previous owner installed it but never shot with it.
Reason I am selling Is I was told it was a 3x9x40 with 1-inch tube or at least that was the info link I was sent to regarding the product and he did say it was a 40
This is a really nice scope it has the heavy duplex crosshairs and rain guard coating just a little too big for my needs. $185
6.5 Grendel upper. VG condition has small scratch under the forward assist complete upper with BCG and handle $475
Sorry I really don't know much about it as far a who made the parts. The previous owner said low rds which are kind of typical as these used to cost more to shoot (wolf steel case can now be found for less than $250 per thousand) I have fired 40 rds through it myself and it shoots great.
A2 Carbine Upper I believe it's a PWA but not sure even if that matters as most of their rifles were kit guns with sourced parts It has skinny profile in front of handguards and heavy under them no bolt carrier group or charging handled $295
From what I have read the Made in the Philippine version of the Buckmaster scope is said to be so much better than the new ones and are desired among hunters and is what is part of how Nikon earned its name for making high-quality scopes. This scope is in near excellent condition previous owner said it was never used shot or hunted with. I have no use for it. $140
Shepherd 310-P22MAG 3x9x40 Scope.
This is calibrated for the for .300 WM or 6.5 Creedmore how ever the one shot zero will work in any caliber and for this price is worth it just for that feature.
I got to reading that the 6.5 creedmore shares the same trajectory as the .300 Wm so drop compensator should work for it as well.
It's set up for .300 Wm but it can be set for others. the one shot zero really works and saves on ammo why spend a $1-2 around trying to find zero which can take a half a box of ammo when you can zero it in one shot and use the rest of the ammo target practicing its only been hunted with 2 trips and babied by the previous owner so it looks new and has about 60 rds on it comes with some unique rings I thought they were 30mm with inserts but actually the inserts are rounded to fit specifically to the ring like in a pocket for a sure grip and cushion on the scope .
Go their website for more info but the sighting is the easiest thing ever just shoot from a steady rest move the main crosshairs to the point of where it hit the target while leaving the secondary (small knobs ) at the original point of aim then move the secondary to the primary so simple but make sure to read the directions first to not get it backwards.
I can see how this would be a fantastic scope for longer range hunting. this comes with the rings and all the paperwork that came with it and its original box it is 5 years old and they currently are listed at $799 Made in the USA $455
this is in excellent condition, not even a ring mark
Shepherd Scopes | Rangefinding Riflescopes
Spikes tactical Upper 5.45X39 UPPER $475
Spikes Bolt carrier group in NIB coated has about 2k on it runs flawlessly
Spikes ? Bomb logo Upper receiver with forward assist and dust cover It's unfired. Spikes mid-length barrel with front sight base and barrel nut and flash hider
New unfired spikes NIB 5.45x39 bolts missed extractors.$45 Each.
US made G3 or Cetme flash hider
Colt Ar15 Receivers or early m16 or Sp1 barrels or A1 parts other than what I have listed.
A1 A2 or C7 Upper receivers.
Bushnell 4200 variable scope
Bushnell 3200 3x9x40 1" tube scope.