Yugo M85PV converted to rifle

over 1 year ago
MK Arms
Available on
Northwest Firearms

Testing the waters...been a great gun for me, but have an itch for something different in .223
This started as an early M85 pistol, which uses the correct AK mags, not the AR adapted model.
What it has:
An extension was added to get the barrel to 16", was welded to the FSB in the same spot as the thread protector was originally, so not too hideous.
Manticore Arms front handguard. ($70-ish new)
Magpul grip ($20-ish new)
AR carbine stock on a folding hinge ( $100-ish )
CNC Warrior optic rail ($60-ish)
Bushnell TRS-25 ($60-ish)
6 magazines ($35ea new right now )
As well as the stock hand guards, pistol grip and a booster.
Looking for $950, OBO... please make offers by PM.
Trade wise.....I dunno....I've had almost 20 ARs, so a little "Meh" on them but open to nicer ones, a functioning Sig 556 ( late model, triangle stock ), Beretta ARX....I may be able to
add a little $ or other trade bait for nicer stuff...
This is my first post 941 sale, so it'll be a little bit of a learning curve....willing to meet as time permits, would like to keep it somewhat local ( lets say 30 mile radius of
pDX? )...will cover the fees for a full price offer ( reasonable fees )
Thanks for looking!