For Sale: LN Coharie CA89K, cheap (reduced)

over 4 years ago
For Sale: LN Coharie CA89K, cheap (reduced)
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HK Pro
South Central KY

I have a nice Coharie CA89K pistol for sale. I bought it last summer as a spare sear host and I ended up with one too many “K” model spares. Like anyone can have too many guns, but that is where I am now. I have had excellent luck with all of my Bobcat/Coharie pistols. My only issue ever has been a weak extractor spring but this one seems fine. It is unfired by me. Under the fore grip is a 3-lug barrel. I see no finish missing or wear on the paint which looks great. It also comes with its original box.
It needs to go to someone who will use it. This type of pistol sells for about $1,800-$2,200 new, depending upon manufacturer, phases of the moon, internet hype, etc. Prices have not come down and in fact are rising a little bit. Unlike the most recent MKE import, no coordinated rework is required to use this pistol as a sear host. You will also not have to acquire parts and wait to have one custom built from a flat. My price is now $1,400 plus shipping. FTF in South Central KY is OK.
Let's sell this puppy. $1,400.