WTS: Lot G3 / HK & PTR91 parts, MP5 rail

about 2 years ago
WTS:  Lot G3 / HK & PTR91 parts, MP5 rail
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Trade preferred (see the descriptions) Payment via discrete Paypal (preferred), or US Postal Service, Western Union, or MoneyGram money order. Shipping is included in the price. First PM saying I WILL TAKE IT gets it. Thanks!
This is a small lot of assorted G3 / HK91 / PTR-91 parts. There is an SEF trigger housing which has not been clipped nor pinned, has a slight bend to one of the ears where the stock would go over it, I have not bothered to try and straighten it but itd be a piece of cake to carefully do with a pliers. I do not believe that the trigger housing was ever used, it is really nice over all and not a mark on it that I saw. Also with the group is a spare cocking handle / charging handle, used, probably from a G3 parts kit. There is also a US made PTR-91 trigger, a US made PTR-91 shell deflector, and a US made PTR-91 hammer too. The PTR made parts are all new in the bag, this is how I got them, I suspect they were from someone all worked up about the whole 922 issue, but they were never installed nor used. They are good spares to have around. Retail on these from HKParts is just under $150.00 total without shipping. I dont need to get anywhere near that for these parts. $50.00 shipped for the lot is pretty fair. Let me know what might work. I would also like to try a plastic MKE 93 magazine and an MKE made MP5 mag too, if trade and cash would work.