1935 Hex Mosin Nagant w/extras

about 2 years ago
1935 Hex Mosin Nagant w/extras
Mosin Nagant
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1935 hex receiver mosin, weird markings, OT22 on the receiver and OM22 on bolt with no other serials. Still has some cosmoline on it, never shot it but checked it with go/no go gauges and its fine. Its in great shape, especially for being a pretty old pre-war rifle. Comes with 2 slings, mag pouch, stripper clips, cleaning kit, bayonette, and 2 boxes of 54r rounds. Bore looks great, although with cosmoline its hard to tell, no big dings in the crown, not counter bored, would probably make a great shooter, or as I had it a safe queen. never planned to get rid of it but theres other things I want so I figured id test the waters and see if I can find a trade. Heres what im after:
-.38 snub nose revolver
- AR Pistol upper
- 12 gauge shotgun (probably a cheap one and cash, dont need a nice one just want a spare beater chinese one or something)
- Other weird old guns
PM me here or text me at 541-908-2835
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