Mosin, JC Higgins Shotgun, & 22lr Target rifle Lot Plus EXTRAS!

over 1 year ago
Mosin Nagant
Available on
Cal Guns
- Orange CA.

3 Rifle Sale!
1. Russian Mosin Nagant M91/30. Amazing condition. Well maintained and great example of an arsenal weapon. Includes 250+ rounds of Romanian Military Surplus Ammo!
2. JC Higgins Sears (By Savage) Bolt Action Tube Fed 16ga Shotgun - Was in father's collection. Less than 100 rounds fired! Smooth action & Mint condition. Was displayed in gun cabinet because of its great look. Includes 2 boxes of 16 gauge bird shot.
3. Armscor 22lr stainless steel bull barrel target rifle. Great firing target rifle. Deadly accurate and little to no movement when firing. Keeps you on target with every shot. A joy to shoot! Comes with 1 ten round clip and one box of CCI Stingers!
All rifles come with a soft case
Lot Price: $600
Price is firm. No Trades. Cash only.
Location - Orange CA.
Will do transfer at Orange Turners or Santa Ana Ammo Bros